How to Build A Runner Bean Frame (With Pictures)

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Starting off…Sharpening Bamboo!

Grab the thinner end (the end we will be sharpening),

Place your bamboo on your leg and feed it through an object behind you that’s going to prevent it from moving upwards, and either left or right, respective of which side you prefer to cut the bamboo on

For instance, we cut my bamboo on the left side which meant we needed to place it on the left side of the metal (seen in the picture below) so that it’s possible to use the elbow to stop it from moving in the other direction.

The part of the bamboo that you’re cutting, should be as close to your knee as possible for maximum cutting efficiency.

This is a great alternative to using a vice if you do not have one! Although we have both a vice and a small serrated army knife we wanted to show you that it’s quite possible to make things without “fancy” equipment.

You’ll want to saw the bamboo using as much as the blade as possible. If however you just happen to have a very sharp knife you could just cut right through the tough outer shell on the bamboo without much effort.

Seen in the picture above is the general angle you’ll want to be cutting your bamboo at, too much and it will be very hard to cut, too little and it wont cut at all!

Now It’s Time to Tie It Up!

Ok, awesome!

Now you have three pieces of bamboo, each with their sharpened ends, we will be putting these sharp ends into your dirt or grass.

Sharp bamboo ends go into dirt much easier than flat blunt ones, obvious right?

Next, you’ll want to cut about 1-2 foot of your string, tie it around your bamboo canes going around once, then down, then up, and through the other than down and up, etc, etc.

Just ensure you cover all areas with support, and use knots often. we did not use knots often, yet we know it’s going to still hold up well, for a long time.

This is a very simple knot, It’s not the best but it works when you repeat the process.

You can ignore the next part of this guide “More Knots = More Strength!” but if you’d prefer something with a bit more weight and strength then, by all means, lets continue.

More Knots = More Strength!

Saw your 4th piece of bamboo it into 3 pieces using a bread knife if you want! The length should be however wide your frame is, with a little added on the sides to ensure they don’t slip out from your ties.

There are more superior knots I’m sure, and although I’m recommending simple knots; they are more than sufficient.

You’ll want to gather your three small pieces of bamboo and cut 6, 2 feet long pieces of string.

Similarly to the main pieces, you’ll want to go up and around then back down and then reverse the combination to make it stronger.

Going from bottom left, to top right, then bottom right, then top left, perhaps. Ensure you wrap your string around in different ways and make knots frequently, for maximum strength.

Should be all done now, so finally you’ll need to push each cane into the ground ensuring you do not bend it!

If the ground is hard where you want to push it in you should water it, and use a hammer, or a brick on the bamboo canes however before using a hammer make sure there aren’t any large stones, bricks, concrete or treasure blocking the bamboos route!

All Done!

All done, however if you could not get your hands on 6-8 foot bamboo canes then you may use strong tape like we did and add to the top of the frame! See below!

Thank you for reading.

Please leave your thoughts below, thank you.

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