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Enter the Fallout 76 World – Make Your Own Character Online

There is a light aspect of survivalism added due to the fact you must eat and drink occasionally otherwise your character will become progressively less combat-ready due to action point loss, which is used for character movement and use of the automatic targeting system (currently broken in PVP) and also health loss down to around 1 or 2% but you will not die from hunger or thirst.

It’s also softcore survival because there is no need to sleep because the game saves whenever you quit, unlike Fallout 4 where Sleeping was the only way to save the game which turned the game into something much more sinister and scary.

Fast traveling is allowed to almost anywhere, which I disagree with. I wish players could only fast travel to their camp/team member camps or events or any claimed workshops. There are some very high-level enemies to fight which can be challenging even for a level 300 to battle alone but on the contrary, this can be an easy task for a level 50 who has a full set of unyielding armor and a Bloodied melee weapon build.

Cooperative aspects are very impressive, being able to help a random person or a friend kill something and both get rewarded is a very fulfilling task. Completing events and quests with others is also a very nice, enjoyable experience to take part in, correct me if I’m wrong! Rest assured you’ll find some jerks and find some people who have no idea what they’re doing.

Create Your Character – Show off Your Skills in Style

The character creation tool is very advanced compared to MOST character creation tools that are implemented in other games.

There is certainly the ability to create a diverse looking character on Fallout 76, using oil, you may paint your armor pieces, and wear a matching set, equip clothing/armor under individual armor pieces, and override all armor by wearing an outfit.

The character movement is interesting, you can walk slow or walk fast, jog, run or sprint, leg movement is very responsive, looks admirable and in general, is quite realistic.

You have the option to play in a first-person camera view which is not my favorite but playing in first-person lets you see tiny details on your weapon, enables true iron sight/scope aiming and how the hands of a character look while holding weapons or items (camera, binoculars).

But If you prefer a more immersive powerful Role-playing experience rather than the FPS vibe then the third-person view is for you, with variable camera zoom you can decide how much of the surrounding area you wish to see.

I think playing in 3rd person mode enhances the experience and makes it a lot easier to avoid melee attackers from any angle that is not displayed in 1st person mode. Character textures are really good, clothing, armor, and weapon customization is very extensive and there are many options to choose from, in particular, weapon customization is one of my favorite parts of the game.

Character/gear customization and aesthetics are very important because that’s what you’ll be seeing the most.

Explore to Learn – Fight for Your Honor!

Fallout 76 has quite a huge map, a beautiful one, even if it does have its blurry parts, it is huge, and on your screen, you’re going to see things from miles away you can visit amongst smoke and smog without loading screens.

It would take me from 30 minutes to an hour to get from the top left to the bottom right of the map.

It’s based in Appalachia which is located in West Virginia and there are many things that the natives of that place can relate to such as mysterious Cryptids which add a very spooky vibe, food and drink, item names, location names, plant life, and perhaps common sayings from the newcomers that arrived in the Wastelanders update recently.

There are 6 biomes in Appalachia for you to explore, alone, or with your like-minded friend, partner or relatives.

The starting area simply named The forest, which is great for all players to gather wood from fallen tree branches and food from the farms and animals, and even makeshift healing items from common flora that grows in abundance.

Toxic Valley takes the game to the next level for you if you’re ready, contains various low level yet challenging areas (Level 15 recommended). Although I skipped to the third area named Ash Heap, situated in the bottom left area of the map. Ash Heap is a barren landscape occupied primarily by Mole Miners, some Level 40, which I was able to kill at the low level of 10-15 using throwing knives, although DO NOT underestimate a Black Powder Rifle or Black Powder Pistol

A throwing knife in the early game is not rivaled by any other weapon considering how simple yet reliable they are.

There is a large range of mountains in the center of the map that spans from the north to the south known as Savage Divide, aptly named considering the Two biomes in the east, The Cranberry bog bolsters much tougher enemies.

In my opinion, the most feared to be the Deathclaw, Yao Guai or a Scorchbeast, these being some of the worst possible monsters you may come toe-to-toe with, especially the Black and Green Level 90 Glowing Deathclaw, 3-4 hits and you’re as good as dead, even with 400 damage resistance and maxed out HP.

If you own strong gear known as “Legendary” you can get up to a 90% resistance to most if not all enemies or grant you the ability to kill almost any enemy in the game before they cause you any trouble.

However, to obtain these items you need to loot so many legendary enemies, some people say that for every 100 legendary items you loot, only one or two, will be admirable or perhaps god-tier if you’re really lucky, so if this grinding aspect interests you then you should check out the videos on youtube for the best ways to farm legendary enemies!

Listen to Your Gameplay – Involve Yourself in Fallout 76!

There is no doubt about it that Bethesda knows how to tell a story, the evidence is in the previous video games they have created; Skyrim & Oblivion.

In the game, you’re going to find various information, EVERYWHERE, but mostly on terminals, which you may need to hack in to by the way, In other players camps, NPC towns and camps, random locations, inside caves infested with bugs or Deathclaws, sometimes even on roads and places where you wouldn’t think about.

It is a lot of information and most players disregard it and prefer to engage in the core gameplay.

The new Wastelanders update has created a new meaning to it all instead of just looking at things left behind. I also need to add that the questing+event system can be played with your friend, partner, or relative, cooperatively, and almost perfectly with no issues.

90% of the people in this game are friendly & helpful, including me.

Problem-solving, boss killing, protecting things and people, exploration, all awesome things to laugh about. If you’re looking to become immersed in a story you can find it here!

Kill Everything in Fallout 76…and Efficiently!

Fallout 76

Combat, the lifeblood of fo76. The reason you want to play, to feel powerful over the enemy, collect awesome items and use them to help others and show them off, to level up, gain skills and produce some cool items for the new players that they may keep because its a Silenced Powerful Automatic Drum Recon Pipe Rifle.

Aiming enables true iron sights and provides what you’re looking for if you want an FPS vibe however most times I feel its easier to aim using third-person mode.

There are many things you can do to enhance your experience in this game, increasing your intelligence is no exception as with each point gained you will receive a 2.5% XP boost for all actions that give you XP.

Dependant on your weapon, enemies will stagger in different ways and sometimes become crippled from your attacks rendering the limb you hit as good as useless, cripple the legs they struggle to walk, cripple the arms they struggle to use a gun.

Utilizing the V.A.T.S you can deliver a series of precise hits to limbs at the expense of Action Points which can be increased by increasing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat named agility. Melee in Fo76 does feel a lot like Melee in Skyrim but there is room for improvement because there lacks the option to equip two melee weapons, simple.

Guns sound amazing in fo76, if you enjoy the sound of guns, explosives, and laser cannons, and enjoy watching fancy reloads then fo76 will spark something in your heart.

Build Your House – Build Your Castle, or Whatever!

I built my base on top of the tram I am in, you cant really see that in the video but if you know where I am in the video and can place a camp down; you might find that its possible to live on it.

Fallout 76

Here is an example of a rare graphical error that might happen to you.

Players can deploy a C.A.M.P down in the game and claim a patch of land. If placed on an ore deposit, which I highly recommend, you may place down the corresponding extractor and receive periodic amounts of resources ranging from the most sought after Lead deposit, Junk deposit, which will give you rubber, copper, aluminum.

Anything other than Lead isn’t as valuable in this wasteland, I assure you, man. you may also use the state-of-the-art Building tool provided by Vault-Tec to create various things, pretty much whatever you can think of if you have the tips and tricks which you can find on Youtube here brought to you by Jug.

You may place spotlights on your buildings to help all the turrets you placed acquire threats at your camp too!

I placed my turrets and spotlights on trees…

The Last Word on Fallout 76 – What Do You Think?

Fallout 76

The game can be buggy but overall that isn’t going to stop you from enjoying yourself for hundreds of hours if you enjoy MMORPG’s, yeah, granted, its different and not like your everyday WoW or Runescape but its still an amazing game, even more so when experienced with those you love so take note of that.

Overall I give this game a score of 83/100, mostly everything about it is fine and the developers do care about its users and the company is successful.

You can count on them for keeping the servers online for many years but on the contrary, I deduct a lot for the annoyance of bugs and how PvP is not even worth reviewing or playing in-game because it is “broke”.

No matter what armor, perks, or items you have, some players can kill you in a matter of seconds using weapons that were supposedly patched.

Also, V.A.T.S negates legendary effects when it shouldn’t but I do hope that is subject to change!

If you enjoyed Fallout 4/New Vegas, enjoy online gaming, and/or are able to get over the bugs; this game will be fun for you.

Please leave your thoughts below, I’d love to see them!


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