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“Wake Up Tenno”? Uh Oh…

Becoming a master killer of all inferior races is no challenge in Warframe. Especially since you get to choose from 40+ “Suits”, If you begin to play the game and progress far enough you will know why we call them suits and not Warframes, and you will thank me for not reviewing the secret part of the game; Which by the way, is due to respect of the code among the community to not spoil things that involve the main story.

If you stumble across one such secret we recommend you play for a few days and complete the quests up to The Sacrifice or more, and then feel free to seek help from Spoiler Videos.

It’s Set in the solar system that we live in today or perhaps one from a parallel universe…really captivating stuff, even 5 years ago when the game was so simple and stripped down to its core. Whereas now they’ve included a good tutorial that will walk you through the basics, your ship with its very own onboard Cephalon robot, and extraordinary customization capabilities, both cosmetic and practical.

Many games, especially free ones, implement a “market” in their games which infuriates people who can’t pay cash.

Warframe has done things a little differently because they have made the currency you buy with your hard-earned real life cash tradable.

The Warframe community has become fond of this so much that they’ve created websites such as Warframe Market that help people who dislike paying real money get this “premium currency” by listing their items on it, for free. I tried it myself and it works wonders mate.

Warframe wasn’t advertised much in the past as far as I know, which I respect. Recently they advertised their 7th anniversary on YouTube and I think I saw it on TV too! Awesome huh?!

You can have 1000 hours of playtime on Warframe and still have much to do, primarily because of how the XP system is based upon leveling every suit, weapon, companion, and vehicle, etc in the game to 30, and some to 40!

Jamie managed to achieve mastery rank 23 from rank 0 in 1 year.

Enough UI to Make Your Head Explode

First and foremost, the user interface in Warframe is very awesome… and was also recently hit with a new-ish update which lets you share mod loadouts and color schemes with anyone using the handy text chat, making it so fast & easy to guide people in the right direction in regards to modding a weapon, suit, vehicle or companion.

Anyway, moving on to what D.E likes to call “Segments”, which are modules inside your ship; Navigation, Codex, Foundry, Arsenal, and Mod Storage, Market, ETC…

These things are the “tools” of your ship and we use every single one of them. More often than not, you’ll find us looking at the Codex to check which items we have received Mastery rank XP for but it can be used to research just about anything in the game.

All the segments have a nice easy to understand layout, which is needed, considering how overwhelmed one may be in the beginning.

Just take one look at the game settings during this state and your mind will surely explode. One major setting brought to consoles being FOV up to 90, changes the game completely.

The Mods (mod storage) segment also comes equipped with a handy sort menu, which you can use to easily sell your duplicate mods for endo or credits without the worry of selling rare ones, which is nice and all but be advised you may sell 20 “blood rush” mods by accident which we do not recommend you do!

As for the actual gameplay side of things, the UI is very simple in comparison to how much information is displayed, and guess what,


Yep, you may only adjust the size, but it’s still great for all preferences, however, if a HUD isn’t for you then disable it!

Unparalleled and Rare Storyline, 10/10

The main storyline is amazing.

Due to the rules and regulations of being Warframe players, we are unable to provide spoilers, but we can tell you what other things. If you wish to know more you could play Warframe (recommended) or, Google “Warframe main questline”.

The main questline begins with “Vor’s Prize”, we don’t know what Vor’s Prize is exactly but we’re guessing it’s you! or the key! You’ll be watching short movies throughout, so be prepared with snacks. Each quest has its meaning and the “silent narration” is there!

Progressively the quests will become much more in-depth and you’ll find yourself addicted to the lore and background of the game until eventually you look at the clock and realized you just played for 15 hours straight.

The War Within quest, and the quests after that are the real gems that many people have enjoyed the most, we here at RGB being some of them who have actually replayed it once or twice and still found it to be quite entertaining.

If you’re looking for a game with a good story and narrative then Warframe’s main story is going to become one of your all-time favorites!

Explore More Than Just Earth!

You may use your Archwing, or Railjack to fly in areas of space, away from planetary atmospheres. Simple, but very interesting!

You must start on earth, then make your way through the Solar System. to do this you’ll need to gain access to Solar Rails, It may take you up to 2 weeks to unlock every planet, which creates a nice introduction to the game.

Two important places to note are Cetus and Fortuna, the home-towns of their respective areas; Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis, both very large and extraordinary places.

Here you can,

  • Hunt animals or large bosses, namely the Eidolon and Profit-Taker Orb
  • Catch fish
  • Mine rocks
  • Drive hoverboards
  • Race against, or if you prefer, with others
  • Participate in global events
  • Search for Cetus Wisps
  • Complete bounties

There is a lot of work to do in these two places, especially in Fortuna because one faction inside Fortuna cannot be ranked up at all until the other is at the highest rank.

There is another faction that should be ranked up simultaneously, and daily to maximize your reputation with them.

Other than that, mostly all planets/places must be explored to a certain point before you may proceed to the next.

However, at any time you may visit the Derelict sector, which is especially fun to visit when you have a dedicated squad of vault hunters, because then you may open the Derelict vault, grab the artifact,  and complete the mission, leaving with a nice upgrade to apply to your weapons or Warframe suits.

The attention to detail will take you into another world when in the Derelict sector, giving you awesome scenery too look at when things are quiet and great background scenery when in combat.

Although Earth, Ceres, and Neptune are really awesome places to visit too, over and over, our favorite planet is Jupiter. Jupiter used to be very normal but recently Digital Extremes decided to make it extreme! Turning it into what it was always supposed to be, A big floating city!

Large areas of this place are hard to explore for the average player, you’re gonna need to become well habituated with your ninja skills to cross some of these areas.

Railjack Battleships

Not too long ago the developers added the Railjack; A huge player-owned ship, capable of teleportation and mass destruction. We haven’t built ours yet, but if you are interested to find out more we are certain you will find what you are looking for on YouTube.

Last time we checked piloting and fighting the bad guys in A Railjack seemed very impressive and worth having a go, however, we took note that one or two players complain about bugs relating to Railjack missions and Teaming up, but, on the contrary, we believe in the Devs and think that any issues have been resolved or will be fixed in due time.

To get a Railjack, your Clan is going to need a Dry Dock, and you personally, will need to complete a quest, we have not completed the quest yet but we assume that once the quest is complete you will be given permission to be in command.

See below to find out what to expect.

Additionally, we have watched 1 or 2 videos displaying combat in a Railjack, and boy does it look awesome.

Warframe Combat – Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

We have spent at least 50 hours of our lives trying to make characters look very awesome during melee combat, yet still, have trouble making every attack count, and we end up looking like we’re having a fight with the air. Melee combat in Warframe is ever so simple, yet can be made into what you want it to be with the use of stance mods, delayed attacks, charge attacks, and controller movements.

Serious melee combat!

Stealth adds another layer of awesomeness to melee combat, especially when you’re fighting level 9999’s but you’re only effectively level 30 yet required to hit millions of damage per second just to stay alive in this case.

Some people have complained that stealth combat multipliers are confusing but the way we see it is that if you’re in stealth mode you hit more damage, okay whatever, We’d rather not enter that rabbit hole of numbers and mathematics. but it may be worth your time to have a quick look at a few things yourself.

Combat with guns is equally as spectacular! We have watched the Devstreams from just 1-120/121 to avoid spoilers, and in some of them, D.E Explains how they create the sounds that guns make in-game, fun stuff, and it really made me appreciate even the worst guns in the game.

There are laser cannons, explosive bows, non-explosive bows, and staff-based projectile weapons on top of all the generic weapons you’ll find on the popular first-person shooter game, these additional weapons really do add a new level of to the gameplay.

You’ll find yourself shooting things just cause you can, just to enjoy the explosive impact and watch the baddies fly away!

Also, mobility in the game, in general, is very good too! Don’t even think for a second that you must be in some in-game kinda “Combat state” to become a Ninja, oh no its permanent. There is much availability to become what was stated on the tin of the game and here is the proof!

All of this for free?

Customize Most Things on Your Character

Let’s talk about this wild world of Warframe customization, where-in you can expect a variety of player-made characters, all in their original D.E made/community made, yes community made outfits/attachments yet colored however they like!

On top of this, we get to mix and match the attachments and copy the colors of the Warframe colors…or don’t! that’s the beauty of it!

If you want a pet that resembles a pinata? That’s totally doable, or perhaps you’d like it to be wearing a suit of pink armor or pet clothes? That’s totally doable too! Maybe you like your pet to match your Warframe suit, as easy as the click of a button.

Modding and modding capability is probably the reason why we are still considering playing Warframe today, even After 6 years of playing it!

You may apply any combination of Warframe mods to a Warframe…any combination of melee mods to a melee weapon….etc…this enables some insane possibilities to create “builds” that are unique and unheard of, which gives you a real sense of value from something that’s essentially worthless!

Should I tell my friends? Or keep all this power to myself!

In most cases, 4/5 out of the 8 or so mod slots are going to be taken by “mandatory mods”, ones which you really don’t want to lose.

But in some cases, losing one or two of these so-called mandatory mods actually provides for some interesting results…

You might find spoilers but click here to find videos by Layzar, a Warframe veteran to find out how to apply mods to your equipment.

All-in-all, customization in Warframe is pretty damn hefty… and if you like to show things off like us, then… this is a feature for you!

The Game Lives to Be Cooperative!

As seen in the video above; cooperative gameplay is no problem at all on Warframe because of the squad hosting capability, which allows for all players in the team to be seen by one another through walls and terrain, as well as showing their shield, health, buffs, and more importantly if they need to be revived on your HUD. Squad members’ locations are shown on the map too.

Pretty much every mission in the game (apart from solo missions) can be done with your friend(s) by your side! However, we have tried to do quests as a team and things tend to get a bit buggy on the quest objective completion side of things, But nevertheless, it is still something to relish and enjoy.

As well as being able to play with your friends there lies the option to trade items you looted with others, so, for example, you may loot something you do not require however your friend does, you may give your friend some items if you so desire, which is a great way to save time and aid progression using cooperative gameplay.

Clan Hall Builder Is on Steroids

The Warframe Dojo builder is a really great tool for creating a room or structure inside your clan Dojo (Station) almost exactly how you want it, and although the selection of items that are able to be placed is somewhat limited, the amount of total items able to be placed in one room is quite large, which is great for creating detailed projects, such as one of the rooms in Jamie’s Dojo.

Looking at the picture above, the place doesnt look very detailed yet there is around 50 to 75 objects in the photo, maybe more.

AS you can see, the potential for detail is very high, some items do cost more “Capacity” to place than others but most things only cost 1 out of the 200/400/600/800 “Capacity” that are given to certain rooms; Great Hall, Greater Hall, Grand Hall, Grandest Hall, respectively.

As for actual clan settings and being in a clan, there is the option to edit the titles and what each of rankings mean in the Clan Hierarchy, which we personally use.

A clan may be allied with other clans which can form an alliance of up to 10 clans or 3,000 members or so, so in effect, you and your buddies could create your own clan and within 5 seconds be allied with your main clans’ allies… hence enabling a good way to create relationships with people interested in being in clans.

Will This Game Be Around In 10 Years?

To be frank, yes it will be around in 10 years, and even longer, and it will most likely be very successful due to the original core and classic gameplay style, it may not be as good as OSRS but it might come close in its own way.

I really have no idea what earth will be like in 10 years though so take my thoughts with your own opinions in mind too.

You can play the game for a long amount of time, achieve a lot, but it feels like time just flew by.

Do The Developers Really Help?

Yes, Jamie was playing one day and he decided to destroy one of his important items for some reason, he did some research and realized there was no way for him to get the item back, (recently changed, so now you can buy it from Cephalon Simaris). He mailed the support team at Warframe or Digital Extremes and they returned the item to him within one or two days, no complaints.

Wrapping It Up!

Overall Warframe seems like its really well made, serious yet fun, crazy, insane, a jumble of stuff put into one thing that’s also a Role-Playing game and an adventure game, and a shooter, oh and just throw in some splinter cell vibes too. We do enjoy the game and even sometimes we enjoy the thought of playing it… you know what we mean?

Our rating for Warframe is 95/100 for a good reason; we relate the developers of Warframe to those who created Runescape, easily.

Digital Extremes are great people with great minds, and we will disagree with someone if they say Warframe is an 8/10 game;

It’s just not true.

Please leave your thoughts below.


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