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Why Are We Here?

Nothing is worth wasting your time. We have spent thousands upon thousands of our precious time figuring out what makes something good, and now we want to supply the world with knowledge so we know our time was not wasted only in good fun, after 15 years of dedicated criticism towards almost any product we have recollected that some companies do have problems, such as:

  • Content development and infrastructure
  • Marketing techniques
  • Running servers
  • Handling personal loss/trouble
  • Redundancy of employees or even the employer
  • Environmental Ethics/protection
  • Sustainability, reliability, and durability

We think this enables buying things to become a low-risk gamble, sometimes high, this doesn’t justify our reasoning behind writing as such, we just love writing! We want to give our opinion on the things we know. and advise you on which technology, tools, appliances, gadgets, clothing, and inventions are worth your time and energy to save you the frustration we and 1000s of others have received due to the aforementioned reasons.

This website is also going to supply you with clear, precise, and unbiased opinions on various other things too!

Our Goal!

We want to put things into perspective for the average gamer, the individual who enjoys general shopping, and the home-maker who wants to know which deal is the best! We want to create a trusted website that can bring opinions and facts to the table, in an unbiased, positive way, create a community of good people!

Most importantly we wish to help people create things of their own, make a good choice, get a bargain and stay away from the laughable products on the market.

All the best, stay blessed,

From the RGB team!

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